How-to-Draw Page
Do you love to draw? I do. On this page I will show you some simple steps that will help you with your drawing. So sharpen your pencils (I recommend artist's pencils labeled 2B, a medium soft lead, but any pencil will do), get a nice soft eraser, and some paper. I will add things to this page occasionally, as I am slowly working on a How-to-Draw book. Write me if you have suggestions about what you would like to draw. Before beginning, here are two things to remember. First, your drawing does not have to look exactly like mine. There are many ways to draw. Second, practice is the only way to improve. Okay? Then let's get going!
Draw a Mouse-
This is just about my favorite thing to draw!
1. Draw a shape that is round at one end and kind of pointy at the other end, sort of like an egg or a raindrop on its side.
2. Add a simple line for a nose, and then ears, one on each side of the head.
3. Draw the eye like a black bead, with a spot of white left in it for the reflection. This makes the eye look wet and alive.
4. Add the tail by making a curvy line and then another one for the other side of the tail.
Good work! Remember this is your mouse and it doesn't have to look exactly like mine. Try showing your drawing to a cat and see if it gets excited!
Draw an Owl on a branch-
There are lots of owls in my woods. This drawing is very much like a Barred Owl.
1. Draw a round head. Draw lightly at first. Owls have heads like softballs.
2. Add an oval shape for the body and a U-shape for the tail.
3. Outline the eyes and beak. These are the important facial features.
4. Draw the wing outlines.
5. Darken in the eyes leaving white spots as reflections. This makes the eyes look wet and alive. Barred Owls actually have brown eyes that look a little like malted milk balls. The ears are openings in the skull hidden by feathers.
6. Add a branch and toes (talons.) Owls have 4 toes, as do most birds. But unlike many birds they can rotate their toes so 2 are facing forward and 2 to the back. This helps them grasp prey like the mouse we just drew.    
Congratulations! You have finished your first practice owl! If you are not entirely happy with it, try it over again. You might want to redraw this owl placing it in a picture of your own, maybe with a moon overhead.
The Barred Owl has many calls, but the most common one sounds like "Whoo-Whoo-a-Whooo", often thought of as Who-Cooks-for-You. Try it.  
7. Work on shading the head. The light circles around the eyes are tiny feathers. These circles act like a satellite dish, bringing sound in to the hidden ear holes.
8. Darken the branch.
9. Add feathers to the wings, body, and tail. Keep the feather marks light and simple.   
5. Put in the tiny mouth, and then draw the whiskers using light strokes of the pencil.
6. Draw toes. You don't have to show a mouse's legs since they are tucked under the body in this sketch. That completes the basic mouse.
7. Add fur if you wish. Use short strokes for the hair, leaving the mouse's belly white.
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