Buying Bruce's Books
Sometimes my books are not on the shelves of your local bookstore. While I think this is a terrible oversight, (possibly with global consequences) these things are not under my control. Here are several ways you can obtain my books, both locally and via the Internet. Information about buying books in quantity directly from the publishers for school programs, etc. can be found at the bottom of this page. 
Buying Individual Copies
There are several ways to purchase individual copies of the books. You might try your local bookstore first. If they don't have copies in stock, they can order books for you. I love to support my local bookstores as they are wonderful places to browse and buy.  
Books written and Illustrated by Bruce
Ordering The Big Tree on line from Northshire Books-  
This book is now being reprinted by Shire Press under my own publishing house, Porter Corners Press. I am delighted to have it available again.
If you would like to order copies of this classic, click the title here- The Big Tree
The Big Storm follows a massive storm that crossed the United States from coast to coast, causing avalanches, high winds, tornadoes, rain, hail, and a blizzard on the opening day of baseball season in New York City. The various weather phenomena and forecasting techniques are explained in the text. This book has been reprinted with a with a different cover, same text.
The Big Rivers describes the huge flood that occurred on the Mississippi and Missouri Rivers a few years ago. The book shows how we are all bound together by rivers and how important it is not to underestimate the power of natural forces. There is a possible Elvis siting in the clean-up after the flood.
The Big Caribou Herd is the most recent of the Big Books. It follows the migration of the Porcupine Caribou Herd across the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska. Along the way, we meet wolves, grizzly bears, wolverines, snowy owls, and many other animals.
Ookpik, which means snowy owl in Inukituk, the language of the Eastern Inuit, traces the journey of a snowy owl from the Canadian Arctic, across the vast forests of the taiga, to the fields where it spends the winter in the New York State.
An author's note tells all about snowy owls, sometimes regarded as magical birds in literature and story.  
Tundra is the only chapter book I have written and illustrated. It describes the plants and animals, including mosquitoes, of the far north. The description includes the tundra world wide, but the focus is on the Barren Lands west of Hudson Bay. Frequent digressions of my impressions of the land while canoeing there enliven the factual text.Hover here onTundra:the Arctic Land for purchase information.
Sugar Is Sweet So Are Lots of Other Things,by Gail Haines, describes the history, production, pleasure and pitfalls of this favorite food additive. Hover on the title above for purchase information.

These titles are published by Boyds Mill Press
They can be ordered from Penguin Random House
This title can be ordered from Simon and Schuster, at 1-800-223-2336.
The Big Tree- This is a second addition of this popular book about a sugar maple that stood in my neighbor's yard. The story follows the life of this tree from its time as a seedling during the American Revolution into the twenty-first century, a journey of over 200 years. Along the way we learn how trees use photosynthesis to create wood and leaves and also how maple syrup is made, yum!
An author's note in this edition brings the book up to date.
Ordering On Line from other Venues-
My books can also be ordered on line from a variety of sources. On the titles below you can access,an online bookseller, directly. Pass your cursor over the cover of each book you will activate a link that enables you to purchase that book from
The Big Tree- See the above description. Ordering from Amazon will generally bring the earlier version of this classic.
The Big Rock is a picture book that explains basic geology through a description of a huge glacial boulder that rests in the woods not far from my house. This rock is over a billion years old!
Coyote and Badger is about cooperation between these two animals. Set in Chaco Canyon in the high desert of New Mexico, we learn the true story of how these animals team together to hunt for food, especially in times of drought. Bruce was lucky enough to witness this partnership in person, which inspired this book.
Every kid in the North Country always wants to know, When Will It Snow? This is a fictional story about young Robin who is especially eager to see the white stuff on the ground. The setting is my rural community. All the animals that wait for snow as well, are based on the real animals that roam the woods here, including the three-legged fox!
Books Illustrated by Bruce
A loggerhead turtle comes ashore and lays 100 eggs in the sand. This is the story of what happens to those eggs and the little turtles that hatch from them. Written by Stephen Swinburne.
The factual story of a butterfly that migrates all the way from the Yucatan Peninsula to Vermont. There are many adventures and close calls along the way. Written by Stephen Swinburne.
Learn all about Armadillos in this natural history book, as we journey with one of these unusual mammals in the panhandle country of Texas and Oklahoma. Fascinating stuff! Written by Stephen Swinburne.
Other Books-
I have illustrated a number of other books, all science based chapter books on subjects from computers to compost. Many of these are out of print but still available at libraries and through Internet sources. Search using my name, Bruce Hiscock.
Ordering in Quantity Directly from the Publishers
Books that are currently in print can be ordered in quantity for school, library, conference, or other programs. I will be happy to sign each book when I am visiting your school, etc.
The Big Tree, as noted above, is now in its 2nd Edition, published by Porter Corners Press, which is actually my imprint. It is available in quantity, so contact me if you are interested.
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